Yaminogame (gaarasyami) wrote,

Pokemon Center Pick Ups

I occasionally do Pokemon Center Pickups from the Nagoya Pokemon Center and Crane Games.
I am also on Facebook! :D Yaminogame's Dragonite Deliveries!

Ready to ship ..


allrealelements Haruka Kotobukiya figure ($105.00 items)$_____ //

Shipped and Waiting for Feedback:

raindroplette November pikachu  ($35.00 items) $46.50 TRACKED // PAID
o_0digitizdx_x Xmas charm: flygon ($3.00 items) $6.00 //PAID
slothyshroom: Snow Season Sylveon+ Cubchoo charm, SS Glaceon+Slyveon charm ($16.00 items) $20.50 // PAID
jorgesnorlax: xmas charms x4: Snorlax x2, hoot-hoot, delibird ($12.00 items) $16.00// PAID
marphoria Xmas charm: driffloon ($3.00 items) $6.00 // PAID
kellyln23 luigi chu plush, Christmas pikachu ($60.00 items) $75.00/ NETHERLANDS// PAID
kaffeina Halloween drifloon mascot, Rocket ball pen, team rocket chu plush, Villians hoodie Size M ($170.00 items) $199 TRACKED/ PAID
bojakshiya masquerade mug cup, halloween eevee mascot, pumpkin cup mug, sazanami town clearfile girls, sazanami town clearfile chibi girls, beanbag clearfile, sumi-e clearfile, bow coin purse, mew bell strap, eevee xmas plush, christmas mug cup, christmas clearfile, SS blanket, SS wooden box with mug, SS white chocolate tin, SS pikachu plush, SS fuzzy socks, Xmas charms: all 18 compete set ($335.00 items) $414.50 EMS CANADA// PAID


-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37398.html

-Please pay for items quickly after I send you the final quote!
Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please pay in 24 hours.
Please let me know if you want tracking added. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
Prices stated do not include shipping or fees. Please ask for a shipping quote.
Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!
If you did not by insurance or tracking there is nothing I can do if it gets lost :(

Please let me know when you have received the item and leave me feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/

*Fuzzy Eevee, Pikachu fuzzy girl,pikachu fuzzyBoy $35 each
*Soft Eevee $25

Fuzzy Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Gengar $35 each

*Fuzzy Pikachu boy, Pikachu girl, Eevee Fuzzy shaggy strap plush $22 each
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