We are Team Treat/We Are Team Trick Pickups

September 8th

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3 pocket clearfile We Are Team Trick $6
3 pocket clearfile We Are Team Treat $6

Arylic Charm collection We Are Team Treat $8 each (random)

Metal Charm collection We Are Team Trick $8 each (random)

Cookies in a tin We Are Team Trick $14
Cookies in a tin We Are Team Treat $14

Others not pictured:
Assorted stickers We Are Team Trick $8
Assorted stickers We Are Team Treat $8
B6 ringed notebook We Are Team Trick $10
B6 ringed notebook We Are Team Treat $10
B7 Assorted memo We Are Team Trick $7.50
B7 Assorted memo We Are Team Treat $7.50
Mug with Lid We Are Team Treat $19
Changing Mug Cup We Are Team Trick $19
Dice Bag Are Team Treat $10
Dice Bag We Are Team Trick $10
Glomp Attack

Pokemon Time

August 25th

Pikachu with jacket $52

pouch $34

Shoulder bag $58

RaikoTote bag $78

Pikachu Tote bag $78

$220 each
Sizes S,M, L

$220 each
Sizes S,M, L

Mint tins (blind) $7.50 a try

Mascots $19 each

3 for $14

A4 clearfiles $5 each

A4 clearfile sets of 2 $8 each

$8 each

Boxes with Memos $14 each

iPhone8/7/6s/6 $40 each

Its Demo Eevee Wave 2018

It's that time a year when the Its Demo x Pokemon is back! YAAY!

The Eevee Wave comes out August 7th and the Electric Wave comes out the 21st.

As always, Its Demo Pokemon goods are be first come, first serve. Some items are more limited than other items.

I listed the items I been able to find photos of. I'm sure there are way more like always!

Please go to my facebook page Yami's Dragonite Deliveries for prices and photos!
(It's very difficult to upload to LJ).

My Hero Academia Namco Pickups

Hi. I will be doing My Hero Academia pickups as well as Pokemon now. (I love tooo much!)

$12 each

BIG Acrylic keychains $21 each (festival)

Set A blind bag buttons $8 a try (RANDOM)

Set B blind bag buttons $8 a try (RANDOM)

Pair can badges $8 a try (RANDOM)

Hanging lantern charms Ver 1 $8 a try (RANDOM)

Hanging lantern charms Ver 2 $8 a try (RANDOM)

A4 clearfile $8

Hanging charms $9 each (Hero Outfits)

BIG Acrylic keychains $21 each (Hero Outfits)
Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.17.16 PM.png
Icon charms $7 each

UA Pouch $15

BIG Acrylic keychains $21 each (workout)

Pikachu and Eevee 7 Days Story Goods

July 21st: Eevee and Pikachu 7 Days Story
Online Pickups only

Eevee shirt (M/L) $34

Pikachu shirt (M/L) $34

Grey Eevee shirt (M/L) $34

Eevee Hoodie $70 (M/L)

Pikachu Hoodie $70 (M/L)

Mini Bath towel $28

Blue Eevee Handtowel $9
Coral Eevee handtowel $9

Blue Pikachu hand towel $9
Pink Pikachu hand towel $9

Small Purse $34

Vinyl Bag $44

Eevee Gold-colored Necklace $22
Eevee Wreath Bronze-colored necklace $22

Pikachu Gold-colored Necklace $22
Pikachu Wreath Bronze-colored necklace $22

Green Eevee hair tie $17
Pink Eevee hair tie $17

Green Pikachu hair tie $17
Pink Pikachu hair tie $17

Day 7 Sleeping
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Day 6 Flowers
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Day 5 Happy Surprise
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Day 4 Running
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Day 3 Thinking
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Day 2 Searching
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Day 1 Greeting
Set $10
Separate $5 each

Red+ Pikachu, Can badges, plush, Chimes Pickups

Can badges

Can Badges $4.50 each

Red and Pikachu July 13th

TCG playmat $31

face towel $14

Universal phone case $40

iphone 8/7/6/6s case $40

pass case $20

pen pouch $16

sketchbook $9

sticker sheet $9

clearfile $5

T-shirt (S/M/L) $38

Collector's Art $60


flat pouch $20
stainless mug cup $25
TCG sleeves $11
TCG deck case $7
TCG collection file $20

Chansey and Sudowodo Plush July 13th

Chansey $21
Sudowodo $21

Midsummer Parade extra items July 13th

Senbei rice crackers $13
Chimeko wind chime $21
Bronzong wind chime $21

Limited 3 Coins Pokemon Pickups CLOSED

I will do 3 Coins pickups but they come out July 13th and my flight is July 17th to America so I can't go back after the 14th.
I have CLOSED orders.

3 Coins website

July 14th
if it says 150 yen--> $3.25
If it says 300 yen --> $6
if it says 500yen --> $8

Kitchen Items

Cups (striped or yellow)
Plates (striped or blue)
Tubberware (Various Poke set or Pikachu only set)

Pikachu Sponges 4 set
Various Pokemon sponges 4 set

8 pack sponges
Zipper bags (yellow, striped)
Stock bags (striped, pikachu)

Water absorbing Mats 2 pair (Pokeball set or Pikachu set)

Interior Items

Blue storage net
Yellow storage net
Recylcing bag (striped, pikachu)

Diecut cushion (Pokeball, Rowlet, or Pikachu)
Mat (Pikachu, or blue)
Laundry net

Mini recycle bag 3 pack
Room slippers (yellow or blue)
Kids room slippers (pink or blue)

Laundry bag
Interior sticker
toilet seat cover

Toilet Paper Towel cover  (it holds your toilet paper and then covers the other)

Leisure Items

ice pack (pikachu or pokeball)
Leisure sheet blue
Leisure sheeet pikachu

Lunch tote (red, yellow)
Drip pouch (blue, yellow, white)
Eco bag

Napsack (striped, pikachu)

Other items
Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.33.21 PM.png
Kids Umbrella
Pen case (pink, blue)
Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.33.26 PM.png
Flake stickers
Diecut sticky notes (pokeball, rowlet, pikachu)
Phone case (iphone 7/8)
Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.33.30 PM.png
Silicon Phone case (iphone 7/8) (pikachu, rowlet)
circle pouch (pikachu, green)

Mirrors  (pikachu or rowlet)

Summer Life Pickups

Summer Pikachu boy $25

Summer Pikachu girl $25

Summer Snorlax$25

Summer Rowlet $25

straps $8 a try (random)

stainless bottle $35

handtowel $8

Long towel $15

Tin with snacks $14

Kids size t-shirt (120/150) $35

Adult T-shirt (S, M, L) $40 each

Kids outdoor daypack $78

Outdoor day pack $100

Dayback shaped pouch $32

drum shaped pouch $28

A4 clearfile set of 2 $8

stickers $8

sketchbook $11

dice bag $11

handerchief $7

set of 4 cups $18

set of 4 plates $21

set of 2 containers $18

Tropical Sweets Pickups

June 30th

$30 each plush

July 7th Tropical Sweets

handtowel $9

facetowel $14

figure collection (bling box) $9 a try

universal cell phone case $40

pouch $21
mini pouch $18

B6 ringed book $10

clearfile set $8

Book with memos $14

Cookie shaped keychains $12 each
Alola Vulpix

masking tape $13

sticker sheet $9

assorted stickers $9

mini tote $23

Mascot pikachu plush $20

paper plates $8
paper cups  $7
(it doesn't say how many...)

Icing cookie Pikachu $8
Icing cookie Eevee $8

stainless bottle $31

black board $21

drink bottle holder$16

glass mug with lid $19

pass case $20

shaped tooth picks for food $9

not pictured:
picnic sheet $20